Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How To Clean Bear Feet

A lot of you have asked us how to clean Bear Feet. We found a leather cleaner that not only cleans the top grain leather, it will clean suede and nubuck too!

Sometimes you might get a stubborn stain on the shoes that won't come off, maybe your child found a pen or permanent marker and decided to decorate. We found a wonderful ink remover to take care of all those small stubborn stains.
From waxy crayon and lipstick to magic marker, Ink Remover will take it off. The ink remover is for leather only!

The first 5 people to comment will get a free bottle of ink remover! Please leave a comment and email amanda (AT) bearfeet (DOT) com

Also, if you did not get the instructions on where to send your address for the bracelet giveaway, please send it to this email along with your blogger ID.


  1. I need ink remover. My daughter writes on everything.


  2. Oh thanks for the video and ink remover!

  3. oh, me please!! I have had to throw shirts away from ink stains!

  4. I know folks already commented but man is that stuff amazing!!!

  5. and what store could i purchase this product?