Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashionable Friday #7 Featuring Chia Hats, Violet Love Legwear, and shrnk

Introducing....The most amazing hat in the world.
They are warm and so delectably fluffy.You can get them with a ribbon tie or a velcro, and they're available in different sizes for babies all the way up to adults.
Colors? We're talking about a million. Pick the fur color, pick the beautiful embroidered or plain satin lining fabric, bam, you have a perfect custom hat that's handmade in USA by Chia herself.
And scroll down a bit...see the EARS?! SO CUTE!

Violet Love Legwear's amazing graphic print tights and socks are also made in USA.

The dress is by shrnk - designed and made in USA. The pockets and interesting shoulder shirring caught my eye.

And of course, did you notice the amazing hot pink metallic desert boots? Who knew desert boots could be so awesome! By Bear Feet, and running with the theme, yes they are made in USA too.

This outfit proves - pink can be more cool and less cliche.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Favorites: Honey Bunny

Here at Bear Feet we appreciate interesting, creatively made things. Often going to trade shows I envy the buyers as they peruse the aisles checking out all the new and amazing products! I know that it's often hard to find cool and beautiful stuff for the kiddos because there are just so many large department stores attempting to dictate the fashion world.

Kid's fashion is so fun and refreshing, it needs to be celebrated more often! So this blog isn't going to be just about Bear Feet, but about the whole kid's fashion world, especially sharing with you companies that have similar philosophy, plus innovative and creative style.

Every Tuesday (Or most every Tuesday) We're going to do a post about stuff we oogle at.
Bunnies really are lovely, snuggly little creatures. So to test this out and see if it's fun, here goes! You can click a picture to be taken to a site where you can by shown product.

a backpack

a scarf

wooden earrings
dress with small bunny print (and pockets!)
Small wood bunny family with handhammered brass riveted moveable joints

Oh bunnies are cute!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashionable Friday #6 Featuring Dagmar Daley, Dragonsnaps

One of our favorite places in the world is in Austin, TX on Anderson Lane, noted by a giant cute dragon on the outside. The name is DragonSnaps, and they carry a ton of made in USA brands. It is part of a store called Terra Toys, and they also have a shoe shop KidOShoe!
Dagmar Daley is one of the many beautiful brands they carry. The clothing exudes clean, classic, and dressy but totally wearable at the same time. Something really special that caught my eye about this dress is that the inside lining is a beautiful pansy pattern.

The shoes of course are Bear Feet Flower Power Mary Janes in silver, which looks great with anything and has that same clean dressy-casual appeal to it.

thunderf10wer on Flicker for the Dragonsnaps photo!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

One of the best holidays because it always falls in the middle of the week, and what better way to spend a Thursday than hanging out with the family... And anticipating Black Friday!

We're going to celebrate Black Friday and the "giving" part of Thanksgiving by giving a free set of hair clips to all customers who place from now until December 25th. Two Super classic grosgrain bows on sterling plated snap-clips (not even launched on our site yet!) will be included per pair of shoes ordered. Don't forget you can call ahead to find something in stock to ship right away! We have gold, black, and silver flower power mary janes all stocked up!

If you ordered recently, just write to and let them know you really want some free bows! We'll post a picture soon but for now, take a look at these snuggly little booties:

Lambskin shearling booties $38 in sizes 1-4 for keeping toes toasty!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fashionable Friday #5 Featuring Stella Industries

Red Shiney Shoes
These patent leather crocodile embossed flats are on sale now at Bear Feet for $38 (original $58) until Dec. 1
Almost exactly the same as our traditional Bear*Lerinas except these have an elastic band around the top and no laces for a more casual playwear look. The soles are the same gray suede as our Bear*Lerinas and they run about a size small.
Congrats to the giveaway winner from our Facebook Giveaway!

The dress is "Malia" by Stella Industries, another great brand that matches perfectly with Bear Feet! Stella is recognized easily by the use of soft knit fabric with modern, unusual cuts and gathers

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arriving soon at My Little Sunshine

My Little Sunshine, a new shop that popped up in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan, is due this week to receive some stock of very special Bear Feet. In addition to the metallic wing-tipped oxfords below, they are getting some beautiful bronze, yellow, chestnut, magenta and beech desert boots and some sunny yellow cool boots.We met with the owners at the NYC Children's Club trade show, visited the shop, and fell in love with their cute little space and airplane hair-cutting seat (they offer haircuts, toys, and clothing).
The feelings must have been mutual because they were really excited about customizing their order so they know no other store in the city has these shoes!

They only opened in September so if you're in the area looking for a new children's shop to ooohh and aaahh at, it's the place!

177 Ninth Ave between 20th and 21st Sts

Friday, October 1, 2010

New women's styles and baby styles! Plain Jane and Modern Jane

Our M2K Modern Jane has a little story behind it.
The last designer came up with the signature "curled toe" look back in the early 2000s to allow for extra toe room. But for some reason shop owners were hesitant to carry the look. Maybe it was TOO cool! We almost decided to discontinue the model.
But since opening our online shop this model has been one of our best sellers in all colors! It's so unusual and fun, moms and kids love it!We got so many requests to make a women's version from customers all over the world, we set aside a few months to change the pattern, make a few prototypes, and finally offer the Modern Jane for Women (while we were at it, I decided to make a baby version for my new baby niece!) The baby size has soft leather sole like the other Little Bear Feet models.
Also...Finally...PLAIN JANES for women! Classic flower buckle style, super comfy, with a leaf shaped heel piece for extra shock absorbancy.
Special sale price of $98 until the end of October for women's Modern Janes and Plain Janes, including Spring 2011 pre-orders (delivery in February)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Black Suede and Silver BearLerinas now on last call

The perfect gift!

Two styles have been added to the last call section.
Black suede is now discontinued so we're selling all we have left already made up. These are limited so first come first served!

As for the silver with the roses, we have also discontinued the solid silver roses though we are still making plain silver ballerinas

These are not only marked way down, they ship the next day after payment!

Order any last call item before SEPTEMBER 30th and automatically get a shipping rebate ($9 value) Offer valid from September 13th-September 30th 2010, not applicable to prior purchases or redeemable at a later date

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashionable Friday Issue #4

Coming this fall
Black-Out Bear*Lerinas

These black edged, brightly colored flats pack a lot of style, especially paired with bright Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts. Kayla models them along with her flower power cuff from the new Bear Necessities line in lime and magenta.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashionable Friday Issue #3

New Metallic Pink Beary JanesIt's a fact that pink and green go beautifully together. Beary Janes are modern and classic at the same time in the new amazing metallic pink leather.
The picnic-on-the-beach-perfect outfit is by Lolly Wolly Doodle.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashionable Friday Issue #2

Pascale Wowack really does take fab photos. Her subjects are natural and at ease, as if you just happened to come by at the right moment walking on a forest path. Frozen in motion is the epitome of childhood: carefree, playful, and fun.

Pascale's daughter is wearing a pair of beautiful silver Modern Janes, some white Posie clips, and a green and silver Flower Power Cuff.

Her dress is by designer Courtney Chu of Courtney Courtney Designs. Courtney makes one of a kind dresses from upcycled clothing. It is said that her dresses sell out within seconds of their posting on her online store.

Have something to submit for future Fashionable Fridays?
Email photos and details about clothing, photographer, etc. to

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashionable Friday Issue #1

We are starting a new type of post this week, the FASHIONABLE FRIDAY.
Featuring favorite brands of Bear Feet wearers and all their unique things.

Over the years we have come to realize the children that wear Bear Feet are as varied as our many colors. From girly to tom-boy, from punk-rock to classical, these children all have one thing in common - they like comfy flexible shoes!

A few months ago we were sent these pictures by a custom seamstress who frequently uses our shoes in her photoshoots. Though she has many different colors and styles of Bear Feet, the most versatile by far are the snap-on flower models.
One shoe with many flowers mixes and matches with all sorts of colorful outfits.

Ferry is wearing custom mary janes with T-Snap flowers in silver, along with a matching black and silver flower cuff.
Her amazing Pirate Skirt is handmade and you can find it at
Christy (Ferry's mom) is also a talented photographer

Have something to submit for future Fashionable Fridays?
Email photos and details about clothing, photographer, etc. to

Friday, April 23, 2010

Free shipping to first 20 Bear Necessities customers

The Bear Necessities page is now up!
Flower clips, bracelets, and coin purses are now available in a wide array of colors.

If you are on of the first 20 people to place an order for any of the items, we'll refund your shipping!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Flower Power Tie Sandals

On the left is the regular best selling infant flower power sandal that comes in sizes 1-4 (about newborn to 1 year) We are now making it in bigger sizes with a rubber sole up to size 16!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Globe-trotting Bear Feet!

World-wide shipping, now only $9 and FREE over $125!

Shop now!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cherry Sandals/Twitter/Facebook Promo

We used to make these special for Garnet Hill, now they're available on our website

Some shoe companies send their detailed applique work to China, but not us.
This detail is done in the same factory as all our other shoes by hand.


Follow us on Twitter or Facebook fan us, then email ( your shipping address with the subject SPRING GIVEAWAY + your username@twitter or facebook to get a free surprise item from our new Bear Necessities collection!*
Available on our website this April! You can also ask your local children's boutique to ask us about carrying the new accessories line.

*Offer ends April 9th

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bronze Your Baby Shoes? Now there's no need!

At Bear Feet we LOVE the new bronze leather. It looks like it is actually metal but it's to-die-for-soft. You don't have to bronze your babies shoes anymore (besides, everyone knows Bear Feet are heirloom quality and will last several generations!)

And when they grow up, they can still wear bronze.
Perfect that Bohemian summer look!
All Classic Bear Feet and Little Bear Feet models are now available in bronze.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Website!

Check out our new website!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last Call is Calling/Facebook/Reorganization

Some people noticed we re-arranged our online store. Now we have the shoes categorized by line.
Classic Bear Feet - Rubber soled shoes sizes 5-16
Bear*Lerina - Ballet style shoes for girls size 1-16
Beary Jane - Baby mary janes size 1-4
Little Bear Feet - leather soled infant shoes for boys and girls
Women's Shoes
Last Call (it's back!)

We also have the T-Snap! on it's own, since it's new. We will later move it into the Classic Bear Feet category.

Now in the last call we have the Beary Jane with button in Champagne at a spring cleaning price more than %50 off.
Mention the blog and get free 1st class shipping (shipping will be refunded after you email mentioning you heard it on the blog)

At Bear Feet, we have to admit, we're Facebook fans.

And now we have an official facebook page!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fresh and available this spring....

Candy Coated Beary Janes
super-soft lamb in orange-sherbert, banana, lime, corn blue, and pearl lavender

Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, and Neon Yellow
Avaialble Spring 2010 in all Bear Feet and Little Bear Feet models

New style!

Introducing a new style, the T-Snap.
It's just like the T-strap but has a heavy duty snap on the "T" with a snap-on flower.
Because there are so many colors to choose from, you buy the shoes and flowers separately so you can get exactly what you want!