Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last Call is Calling/Facebook/Reorganization

Some people noticed we re-arranged our online store. Now we have the shoes categorized by line.
Classic Bear Feet - Rubber soled shoes sizes 5-16
Bear*Lerina - Ballet style shoes for girls size 1-16
Beary Jane - Baby mary janes size 1-4
Little Bear Feet - leather soled infant shoes for boys and girls
Women's Shoes
Last Call (it's back!)

We also have the T-Snap! on it's own, since it's new. We will later move it into the Classic Bear Feet category.

Now in the last call we have the Beary Jane with button in Champagne at a spring cleaning price more than %50 off.
Mention the blog and get free 1st class shipping (shipping will be refunded after you email mentioning you heard it on the blog)

At Bear Feet, we have to admit, we're Facebook fans.

And now we have an official facebook page!