Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashionable Friday Issue #1

We are starting a new type of post this week, the FASHIONABLE FRIDAY.
Featuring favorite brands of Bear Feet wearers and all their unique things.

Over the years we have come to realize the children that wear Bear Feet are as varied as our many colors. From girly to tom-boy, from punk-rock to classical, these children all have one thing in common - they like comfy flexible shoes!

A few months ago we were sent these pictures by a custom seamstress who frequently uses our shoes in her photoshoots. Though she has many different colors and styles of Bear Feet, the most versatile by far are the snap-on flower models.
One shoe with many flowers mixes and matches with all sorts of colorful outfits.

Ferry is wearing custom mary janes with T-Snap flowers in silver, along with a matching black and silver flower cuff.
Her amazing Pirate Skirt is handmade and you can find it at
Christy (Ferry's mom) is also a talented photographer

Have something to submit for future Fashionable Fridays?
Email photos and details about clothing, photographer, etc. to


  1. I've seen this girl before somewhere. She's adorable!

    Jaclyn Rubly

  2. Hehe, thanks Amanda and Jaclyn. We love all of our Bear Feet shoes/sandals and accessories. We are always stopped with lots of compliments and I never have to worry about Ferry's feet hurting or being harmed from ill made shoes. She's always stylin' in comfort!


  3. I love the look of the girly Mary Janes mixed with the pirate skirt. Very cute!

  4. Oh Christie, Ferry looks adorable! I love Bear Feet too! It is just a shame that next year or so Allie will be outgrowing them~my husband never complains when I spend the $ on Bear Feet!