Friday, October 1, 2010

New women's styles and baby styles! Plain Jane and Modern Jane

Our M2K Modern Jane has a little story behind it.
The last designer came up with the signature "curled toe" look back in the early 2000s to allow for extra toe room. But for some reason shop owners were hesitant to carry the look. Maybe it was TOO cool! We almost decided to discontinue the model.
But since opening our online shop this model has been one of our best sellers in all colors! It's so unusual and fun, moms and kids love it!We got so many requests to make a women's version from customers all over the world, we set aside a few months to change the pattern, make a few prototypes, and finally offer the Modern Jane for Women (while we were at it, I decided to make a baby version for my new baby niece!) The baby size has soft leather sole like the other Little Bear Feet models.
Also...Finally...PLAIN JANES for women! Classic flower buckle style, super comfy, with a leaf shaped heel piece for extra shock absorbancy.
Special sale price of $98 until the end of October for women's Modern Janes and Plain Janes, including Spring 2011 pre-orders (delivery in February)

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