Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Favorites: Honey Bunny

Here at Bear Feet we appreciate interesting, creatively made things. Often going to trade shows I envy the buyers as they peruse the aisles checking out all the new and amazing products! I know that it's often hard to find cool and beautiful stuff for the kiddos because there are just so many large department stores attempting to dictate the fashion world.

Kid's fashion is so fun and refreshing, it needs to be celebrated more often! So this blog isn't going to be just about Bear Feet, but about the whole kid's fashion world, especially sharing with you companies that have similar philosophy, plus innovative and creative style.

Every Tuesday (Or most every Tuesday) We're going to do a post about stuff we oogle at.
Bunnies really are lovely, snuggly little creatures. So to test this out and see if it's fun, here goes! You can click a picture to be taken to a site where you can by shown product.

a backpack

a scarf

wooden earrings
dress with small bunny print (and pockets!)
Small wood bunny family with handhammered brass riveted moveable joints

Oh bunnies are cute!

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  1. SO darling! I just got the earrings in Bunnies and several other animals, too :) They are a STEAL at $6! Great post :)