Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

One of the best holidays because it always falls in the middle of the week, and what better way to spend a Thursday than hanging out with the family... And anticipating Black Friday!

We're going to celebrate Black Friday and the "giving" part of Thanksgiving by giving a free set of hair clips to all customers who place from now until December 25th. Two Super classic grosgrain bows on sterling plated snap-clips (not even launched on our site yet!) will be included per pair of shoes ordered. Don't forget you can call ahead to find something in stock to ship right away! We have gold, black, and silver flower power mary janes all stocked up!

If you ordered recently, just write to and let them know you really want some free bows! We'll post a picture soon but for now, take a look at these snuggly little booties:

Lambskin shearling booties $38 in sizes 1-4 for keeping toes toasty!


  1. Great promo! I will be sure to mention it in my giveaway write-up!

  2. Hi! My mom ordered a pair for my daughter and we are so excited! However, she ordered through a partner this only if we order direct? Thanks!

  3. Hi! Sure, you can send an email and ask for a pair, I'm sure they'd send you some.