Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashionable Friday #7 Featuring Chia Hats, Violet Love Legwear, and shrnk

Introducing....The most amazing hat in the world.
They are warm and so delectably fluffy.You can get them with a ribbon tie or a velcro, and they're available in different sizes for babies all the way up to adults.
Colors? We're talking about a million. Pick the fur color, pick the beautiful embroidered or plain satin lining fabric, bam, you have a perfect custom hat that's handmade in USA by Chia herself.
And scroll down a bit...see the EARS?! SO CUTE!

Violet Love Legwear's amazing graphic print tights and socks are also made in USA.

The dress is by shrnk - designed and made in USA. The pockets and interesting shoulder shirring caught my eye.

And of course, did you notice the amazing hot pink metallic desert boots? Who knew desert boots could be so awesome! By Bear Feet, and running with the theme, yes they are made in USA too.

This outfit proves - pink can be more cool and less cliche.