Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Special

Milena inspects her freshly painted bright red nails.

Piggy Paint nail-polish is especially for kids and has a great backstory. Founder Melanie Hurley was painting her daughters' nails over a foam plate when a drop fell, bubbling up on the foam. Realizing that nail-polishes for women are full of dangerous chemicals, not to mention flamable, she started Piggy Paint with the goal of it being "natural as mud" hence the tagline! This color is "Sometimes Sweet" which you can buy alone or in the "LoveBug Hug" set. We have dozens of colors, including dragon tears (a pearly green) and a glow-in-the-dark topcoat. And of course, it's made in USA!

Misha Lulu is a brand known for its whimsical retro-modern touch. Super cute graphics are usually in store but this super simple dress caught Milena's eye as the perfect thing for Valentine's Day (also her Dimpa's* birthday) The big red bow on the waist is fun and I love the way the stripes go right down the sleeves.
The sequined heart pin is by Vinca (which by the way is coming out with a totally kid's collection this March)

And the socks! Surely you're wondering about the fabulous socks. White and red knee-high heart socks by PorkChop also made in USA. The slippers are the new slip-on ballerinas by Bear Feet

Last but not least, a funky pair of custom Bear Feet shoes that remind me of Dia De Los Muertos. With crystal eyes and an upturned heart-punch nose, these red-hot shoes are just that.
Available by special order for $120 - email

*Dimpa = Grandpa!

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