Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Lunch Discovery

If there's one silly thing kids do, it's eat food that's shaped like something. A normal sandwich shape just won't cut it.

I was at a local hardware/homeware shop the other day and found this spectacular gem. You can find this Dyno-Bytes sandwich cutter (harhar) for about $5 online or $3 at Breed's in Austin.
Your kid will now eat any sandwich you make for lunch.

...And it cuts the crust off. Which is my "breakfast" as we're all rushing to get out the door!

On another note, it makes me a bit sad that Austin isn't much included in kid-friendly fashion blogs, so I will begin to make this more Austin-y, especially helping promote Austin kid's wear designers, shops, kid-friendly restaurants, parks, and events!

If you're not in Austin, I hope you'll come for a visit someday. Today was a beautiful 74 degrees.

Happy March, everyone!

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  1. I'm in Austin and actually got one of these at Randalls. My kids love it.