Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashionable Friday: Featuring Sailor Rose

Sailor Rose is a line of handmade in USA dresses in stunning fabrics. Not stunning like decorated in gold or anything gaudy, just very fine quality, breezy cotton wovens & knits in beautiful patterns like feathers, flowers, and my favorite, airplanes! The dresses evoke the currently very popular "Americana" style, and are made to last through several generations. Just like Bear Feet, they get character after being worn and improve with age.

Usually airplanes are on boy's clothes but these little airplanes are so sweet and dainty, they match the dress perfectly. Sailor Rose also makes headbands and women's tops, the perfect breezy summer top that I think I will have to order in the airplane print.

Notice the shoes too! We occasionally get requested to make a velcro shoes but just are not interested. Children as young as 2 (like the girl in the photo) love to buckle and tie. It provides great coordination practice. She is busy tying some silver tie sandals while wearing the flower power tie booties, which both come in sizes 5-16 and cost about $50.