Friday, June 24, 2011

Fashionable Friday Featuring MoLi & Mini Rodini

Vili's wearing a shirt by MoLi, skirt by Mini Rodini and silver Bear Feet tie sandals

MoLi is an adorable line of shirts and accessories made in Austin. Most designs are for women but I scored this "I Believe" shirt after meeting the designers at a trade-show in Dallas. Whether you want to take it as a nod to fairy-tales or that 3 year old sentiment of "I believe I know what's best, actually!" is up to you!
I always find burn-out fabric interesting and airy, especially as roomy t-shirts. Burn-out is woven cotton & polyester, splashed with a fiber-etching solution. The cotton dissolves in splotches leaving the polyester in-tact albeit very thin and see-through, and any spots that didn't get wet stay solid.
I love it when designers go one step above screen-printing a design on front. This shirt also has some little butterflies on the back shoulder. That little detail really makes all the difference.

Mini Rodini
makes some really sweet designs. I mean sweet like awesome, not cutesy. The red paint-splattered bubble skirt is fun. I don't have to worry about adding to that canvas though let's hope Vili doesn't get any ideas on how to decorate her other clothes.
This Godzilla dress is amazing. I am thinking about getting a size 146 and wearing it as a shirt :)
And then they have a robot dress....awesome. Many of the clothes are made with organic cotton. I got the skirt at Little Lunalu which not only was named "Best of the Web" in 2010 by InStyle Magazine, they donate %5 to the Lunalu foundation to provide charitable support for children around the globe.You'll notice that the places I shop and the brands I buy are often from people I know and build relationships with. Bear Feet is the same with its customers. Since we don't go through a rep at shows, buyers meet with people from the company directly. All emails are answered in our factory and many I personally answer or approve the staff's response. If you ever have any comments or feedback, I would much appreciate it!