Friday, July 1, 2011

Fashionable Friday Featuring Züpers

I was specifically looking for zebra leggings when I came across Züpers. They are amazing in many ways.
If you remember your mom(or whoever sewed in your family) sewing old sock patches on the knees of your leggings, you will understand. They are stretchy spandex so skirts and dresses won't climb up them, they have heart shaped knee pads sewn inside that are removable, and my favorite little detail is a secret pocket near the bottom of one leg to put little pebbles in or perhaps a lucky coin or small toy horse.

Breyer's "Mini Whinnies" are barely 2 inches tall.

Many colors and patterns of leggings are available, from the zebra striped one shown to the basic blacks and pinks. Also available are under-the-skirt shorts which will make those tight-roping-over-the-playground moments a fashion statement, not an embarrassment!

The shoes in the picture are the new slip-on Bear*Lerinas in metallic pink with black trim. They have a suede leather sole that is so flexible you can roll the shoe up like sushi.